Tuesday, August 07, 2012

More Book Hunting

I visited two second-hand book stores today during lunch.  It was a race especially as I only get 30 minutes for lunch (I was late back to work!).  The shops are both in Caulfield South on Glen Huntly Road and are less than 30 metres from each other.  The first was Out Of Print Books and the second was one of the Syber's Books stores.  I don't think I've visited either of these stores for over a year.  No luck though.  One store had 3 Flemings and a Faulks, the other none.
Also... I forgot to mention a couple more book stores I visited on the weekend.  On Saturday I also visited Carlton Secondhand Books.  They had one Gardner Bond but no luck.
And on Sunday my wife and I went to the South Melbourne Market where The Merchant Of Fairness has one of their stores.  They had a couple of Fleming and a Faulks.  Again no luck.

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