Saturday, April 27, 2024

"A Spy Like Me" Uncorrected Proof Arrives

After returning from a work trip to Sydney a couple of weeks ago I found two parcels awaiting me.  They were both online purchases from the U.S..

The first parcel contained an uncorrected proof of the latest novel from Kim Sherwood.  Titled "A Spy Like Me", this is the second in Kim's "Double O" trilogy series set in the James Bond universe, the first of which was "Double Or Nothing".  And while "A Spy Like Me" may not feature Bond himself, it does include other spies with double-O prefixes which in my opinion is a very interesting and original concept for an author to explore.

The cover of this trade size paperback features an image which also adorns the dust jacket of the U.S. hardback, also published by Harper Collins.

The rear cover features a brief synopsis along with marketing details that will accompany this title's release.

"A Spy Like Me" was officially released just a few days ago (April 2024).  I'm trying to track down a signed first edition from the U.K. but so far it's proving difficult.  Sadly James Bond continuation authors rarely have book signings here in Australia.  I think Jeffrey Deaver and Charlie Higson have been the only two.

Once I've scanned this cover I'll be adding it to the rest of the titles on my Proof Copies page of

I wish Kim all the best on this title's release and trust this novel proves to be very successful for her.

And the contents of the other parcel... yep you guessed right, that's the content of my next post.

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