Monday, December 26, 2022

Bond Presents For Christmas

Yesterday was Christmas Day and I was lucky to receive the two items below as presents from my wife. 

Both items were purchased from sellers in the U.S. and fortunately were well packed for their journey to Australia.

The first was a poster from Penguin promoting the Richie Fahey series from 2008 celebrating the centenary of Ian Fleming's birth.  It's linked to this series of books.

The second poster was created in 1982 by Putnam/Berkley to promote the simultaneous release of John Gardner's - James Bond continuation novels "For Special Services" in hardback and "Licence Renewed" in paperback.

I haven't seen the poster above before, nor could I find another copy anywhere else on the web, however I did find the following image below from the fantastic website/blog The Book Bond by John Cox which looks very similar.  All credit to John for this image.

Promotional material for Bond novels is difficult to find, especially in Australia.  I'm lucky to have these two items in my collection now thanks to my wife.  Well, to be perfectly honest, I did purchase them and then asked if she wanted to give them to me as a present for Christmas... but I'm sure I'm not alone here as a collector.


john fairbrother said...

Merry xmas Gary
Two very cool items there.
Cheers John.

Bazeer Flumore said...

Thanks John. Plenty more promo book posters to find yet though