Monday, August 15, 2022

"For Special Services" Berkley/Charter Variations

Another day... another parcel.  

This time it contained a copy of John Gardner's "For Special Services" published in the US by Berkley in 1986.  

As far as I'm aware the four different slight cover variations below are all that were available for this title from Berkley/Charter in the 1980's, but I'm sure I'll be proven wrong.

1) Berkley - International Edition - RRP $2.95 - December 1982 with the cover tag-line
"The International Bestseller - Now In Paperback".  Publisher details top right.

The following three copies all have the same cover tag-line "The New York Times Bestseller".

2) Berkley - RRP $3.50 - April 1983 - Silver silhouette.  Note also the slight change of position of the silhouette compared to the other covers here. Publisher details top right. 

3) Berkley - RRP $3.95 - June 1986 - Black silhouette.  Publisher details middle left.

4) Charter - RRP $4.50 - July 1987 - Black silhouette.  Publisher details middle left.

And here's the four covers together:

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