Sunday, July 03, 2022

Finally Another Book Hunt

It's been a while since I went on a book hunt.  And it was also a double great day yesterday as it was my first day out of isolation after a bout of Covid.

First stop was Abra Card Abra Roycroft Antiquarian Booksellers in Kew.  I've been itching to visit this book store for years.

The store was full of potential customers which was great to see. I checked out the old Pan paperbacks downstairs where I found a copy of "You Only Live Twice".

Then I moved up the old stairs, flicked on the light switch, and perused the alphabetised hardbacks there.

There were a couple of John Gardner - James Bond titles and an Ian Fleming omnibus, but sadly no Bond novels for me today.

Next stop was the Merchant Of Fairness in Balwyn.  Well that was the plan anyway.  I walked back and forth along the small strip of shops next to the Palace Balwyn Cinema before I came to the realisation this bookstore is no more.

Here's a picture from my last visit in 2017.

I've been visiting the Merchant Of Fairness in all its different locations in Balwyn for many, many years so this was definitely a sad occasion.  I hope the smaller Merchant is still operating at the South Melbourne Market.

Last stop was a Vinnies Op-Shop which I've had some luck at in the past.  The books are well organised and there always seems to be a large selection of new titles.

However apart from a copy of Anthony Horowitz's "Trigger Mortis" there were no titles for me today.

There was a strange moment for me though while searching through the books.  For a second I thought I'd found a copy of the Penguin hardback "Quantum Of Solace" from 2008....

But it turns out I was wrong.  Here's a copy of the rear of the aforementioned hardback from my collection:

No luck for me today but it was great to be outside in the real world again and hunting for books.


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