Wednesday, June 08, 2022

A Day In Bendigo

On Monday my wife and I both had a day off work, so we took my parents on a mystery trip to Bendigo.  

Located in central Victoria, Bendigo is a two hour drive from the City.  It was built during the gold rush of the 1800's and is now a bustling city itself with a population close to 100,000.  It's currently also the location of the "Elvis: Direct From Graceland" exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery.

There were so many items on display; cars, clothes, LP's, 50's and 60's merchandise, photos and personal items belonging to Elvis.  There was also a collection of books from his own library.  Sadly there were no James Bonds novels among them.

We spent over an hour in the gallery and on leaving we all commented how good the exhibition was.  Here's a few more photos:

My wife and I also made a quick visit to Bendigo Book Mark which was just around the corner from the gallery.

The secondhand book store was really well organised with hundreds of books on the shelves, and the person behind the counter was both friendly and helpful.

There were also several Bond novels on the shelves but unfortunately none for me today.  

We all had a great day in Bendigo and hope to return again soon...


Brendan said...

Was there two weeks ago and went into the same store and couldn't find their James Bond books. Am so thankful there wasn't any there I would have bought as would have driven me nuts.
Also went into Book Now and bought the Licence Renewed BCE with the brown boards. Only recently found out there were two different versions and figured why not :)

Bazeer Flumore said...

Hey Brendan, congrats on the purchase of the Licence Renewed BCE. And glad I could settle your mind on what books you didn't miss out on at Bendigo Book Mark !