Sunday, May 01, 2022

Clunes Booktown Festival Returns

For the first time in three years Clunes Booktown Festival took place this weekend.  

The two day event, inviting people to visit the small rural Victorian town, was thriving when my wife and I arrived on Saturday.  I've included a "few" photos below to try and express how the town shines during this festival and how many book sellers attended.  But there were also authors doing signings and talks, publishers explaining to future authors how to get an idea to print, people in costume exciting the crowds and others quoting paragraphs from popular books.  It's not possible to capture the full extent of this event in images.

It was impossible to look in every box or carefully view every trestle table however these are all the James Bond adventures, books about Bond or related/linked books we managed to find:

My wife ended up purchasing some nice books for herself.  Meanwhile I found an excellent copy of Robert Markham's "Colonel Sun" published by Pan Books in 1968 which I couldn't resist.

Overall my wife and I both thought the festival was very well organised and we'll definitely be back.

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