Saturday, March 12, 2022

Ian Fleming Pan Books Variant Cover... Not !

Near my work is a small fashion pop-up store where the owner has generously placed a small box of books outside on the footpath for anyone to take for free.  I've already picked up a 1960's paperback copy of "For Your Eyes Only" similar to this one earlier this year.

Yesterday as I walked past and had a quick peruse through the box, as is my rutual, I noticed a black spine with the yellow Pan Books logo.  Immediately I thought it might be a "Colonel Sun" paperback as that is the only Bond paperback I could think of with a matching spine.  The corner of another book lay on top however I glanced the name "Fleming" and was excited.  I shuffled the books around thinking perhaps I'd found a variant Ian Fleming cover... and then uncovered this spine (Note: I moved the book for this photo):

And here's a photo of the cover:

Sadly no mystery Ian Fleming Pan Books variant today !

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