Monday, January 24, 2022

Piz Gloria Website Celebrates 10th Birthday

Today marks the 10th birthday of  There have only been a few additions to this website over the past year but I'm pleased that the website is still visited and referenced by book collectors and James Bond fans alike.  Hopefully with the release of Anthony Horowitz's new Bond novel "With A Mind To Kill" in May 2022 and perhaps another John Gardner reprint ("Icebreaker" ?) there's still more paperbacks to be added.

Some quick stats from Google Analytics about over the last 10 years:

- There have been 45,601 visits

- Each visitor on average views 6.01 pages (that's 274,062 total page views over the years)

- The average time a visitor spends on the website is 3 minutes and 7 seconds

- The bounce rate is 54.93%.  This is the rate at which visitors leave the website without interacting (I imagine they've found my website and realised it's of no interest to them or they don't have any spare time at that moment to have a look).

I'd like to say thankyou to everyone who has supported my website, visited the website or been in touch with me over the 10 years, and I hope you visit again soon,

Cheers Baz

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