Saturday, February 09, 2019

"Diamonds Are Forever" Arrives

Yesterday I received this copy of "Diamonds Are Forever" in the mail.  It was published by Hutchinson in 1989.  I already have a copy in my collection however as these type of books are used for educational purposes my original copy was ex-library and so a bit worn. When I found this new copy available on-line at a very cheap price I thought I'd buy it as a replacement.

I have a number of educational books in my collection I'd like to replace due to their covers being badly creased or laminated, so this is just the start.  I'll try and scan this cover and add it to as soon as possible.  Please click here to see other Ian Fleming titles published by Hutchinson.


Luke Freeman said...

Since they're educational books I realise they probably weren't really a "set", but are the titles that you have all the ones that there are or are you missing some?

Bazeer Flumore said...

Hey Luke, as far as I'm aware I have all the educational titles. However there are still a few cover variations out there I'm hunting for