Monday, June 11, 2018

A Trip To Daylesford

Last Monday my wife and I spent a day in Daylesford.  The drive took just under two hours and we arrived at 10am, just as the Mill Markets were opening.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the building from the outside (it's basically a giant shed), but here's one I've borrowed from their website.

Inside the building there are seemingly hundreds of stalls, many selling books.  As you can see below I took a few pics however to avoid repetition I only included one photo of Sebastian Faulks' "Devil May Care".  It was very popular at many of the other stalls too.

About an hour and a half later we left the Mill Markets and drove into Daylesford proper.

Here we visited Paradise Bookshop.  I managed to find five Bond novels in the store including a Jonathan Cape first edition of Ian Fleming's "Live And Let Die".  It was a nice copy but my wife wouldn't let me buy it.  Only gagging... it was a little bit over my budget !

I also found this unusual copy of "Devil May Care"... which again I didn't purchase for different reasons (this version is obviously not a Bond novel).  What is it with Daylesford and "Devil May Care" ?  They're everywhere !

After lunch we visited the Book Barn just near Daylesford Lake.  Here I purchased my first book of the day, a Pan copy of Robert Markham's "Colonel Sun".  I already have several copies of this paperback however as it was in such good condition I thought one more wouldn't hurt.  They also had a copy of John Gardner's "Licence Renewed" and another "Devil May Care".

After visiting the Book Barn we returned home just managing to avoid peak hour.  Here's some more photos from the day...
The drive to Daylesford
Daylesford Lake
Lunch at Cafe Koukla.  I had a delicious beer battered fish and chips, and my wife roast chicken with sweet potato chips.

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