Friday, March 16, 2018

Large Print Michael Gillette Series

For several years now I've been collecting the Large Print series of Ian Fleming novels published by Clipper around 2006.

After much searching I recently managed to find a copy of "Live And Let Die" which brought my collection to 11 different titles out of 14.

Just a few weeks later I found a book lot for sale on the web that included 2 more titles I required; "Moonraker" and "For Your Eyes Only".  Unfortunately the seller wouldn't separate the 2 titles I needed from the 10 books in the lot for sale, so I also acquired a few duplicates.

But the exciting thing is now I've just one title to find to complete this set of covers created by Michael Gillette.  And when I do find it I'll add the first set of Large Print paperback covers to

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