Thursday, May 11, 2017

European Vacation - Ireland - Dublin

My wife and I have just kicked off our European holiday which will include four countries in five weeks.  We're also stopping in Singapore on the way home for a couple of nights.

First stop is Dublin.  To get to know the city we took a hop on-hop off tour which obviously, being Ireland, included a lot of literary locations and birth places.
Near the end of the tour we hopped off at The Winding Stair on Ormond Quay Lower.  They had a small section of second-hand books but no Bonds.
We then walked over the River Liffer via the Ha'penny Bridge to Oxfam Books on Parliament Street.  The staff inside were very helpful but unfortunately no Bonds here either.  They did direct me to other book stores though.
Next stop was The Gutter Bookshop also in Temple Bar.  This store sells new books.
We then made our way to Connelly Books on Essex Street.  This is in The New Theatre.  They have a small selection of second-hand books but again I couldn't find any Bonds.  They seem to be very popular here in Dublin.
We then went for a longer walk and somehow ended up at Ulysses Rare Books on Duke Street.  They currently have no Fleming's in stock but the store looked great and the staff were very helpful.  They also directed me to some other book stores.
Hodges Figgis sells new books and is just around the corner from Ulysses Rare Books on Dawson Street.  They had heaps of Bond's in stock including a copy of the just released Young Bond novel "Red Nemesis" by Steve Cole, along with all the other books in this series.
On Grafton Street we walked past Dubray which sells new books.
We also saw Eason which sold new books too.
And finally we made our way to the George's Street Arcade where Stokes Books can be found.  They had lots of second-hand books but unfortunately no Bonds.

While travelling around Dublin I also took a few photos.  Here's some of them.
I also noticed this Bond related advertisement too...

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