Monday, August 08, 2016

A Visit To Fully Booked

On Saturday afternoon my wife and I found ourselves in Coburg. And because we had the opportunity we decided to quickly visit Fully Booked in Thornbury.

As I entered the store I was immediately greeted by the owners, Rallou and Tadhg.  These guys are easily the most enthusiastic and passionate secondhand book store owners in Melbourne. The store is really well organised, has a huge variety of books and always seems to be have new stock on the shelves. 

I headed to the "SpyFi" section at the back of the store and managed to find four Bond novels; two by Fleming and two by Gardner.  Unfortunately I had them all.

I then made my way to the "Bond, James Bond" section in the Film category.  Here I found a really nice copy of John Pearson's "James Bond 007: The Authorised Biography" which I immediately purchased.  I almost bought this same edition in Vancouver back in 2013 but was concerned about the book's weight in my suitcase so I reluctantly had to let it go.  So this copy, with a fantastic dust jacket, was a great find.

Finally, Rallou showed me a phamplet for a book fair in Abbotsford in October.  I'll definitely try to visit this one.  Thanks guys.  

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