Thursday, March 03, 2016

Brother Finds A "Dr No" Hardback

I received a couple of text pictures from my brother the other weekend.  He was visiting the Mornington Peninsula (here in Victoria) and happened to stop at Frankston where he noticed a secondhand book store.
The first photo he sent was of a number of James Bond paperbacks.  From the spines I could see I had a copy of all of the covers so I didn't need to know more about them.

But my brother had also noticed a Jonathan Cape copy of Ian Fleming's "Dr No" on the same shelf and had sent me a photo of that book alone.

I immediately rang him to find out the price.  He asked the store owner who told him $80.  However the owner then said he'd take $40.  Wow... bargain!

I queried my brother about the printing details.  He told me it was a 2nd edition published in 1958.  He also couldn't find any obvious ex-library markings.  So I asked him to buy it for me.  

I'm not 100% certain the dust jacket is original (it looks pretty good in the photo) but I still think the book is a great bargain regardless.  Now I just have to catch up with my brother, pay him and check out the book myself.  Thanks bro.

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