Friday, February 12, 2016

First Book Hunt Of The Year

I haven't visited many second hand book stores this year.  So last Sunday my wife and I thought we'd make a visit to one of my regular haunts; Abra Card Abra - Roycroft Antiquarian Booksellers in Kew.  To avoid making the same mistake as us though you should know that Roycroft have changed their opening hours; they're no longer open on Sundays.  We found out the hard way !

We then made our way to Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn where we visited Readings book store.  This store sells new books and I hoped they may have a copy of Charlie Higson's '"Hurricane Gold" with the new Young Bond logo.

They did, however the cover didn't meet to my very fussy requirements.  Looks like my search continues...

They did have a number of other Bond related books including these two below.

And while in Hawthorn it's hard to resist Haigh's chocolates just a few doors down.  We bought a bag of freckled chocolate buttons and they tasted great.

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