Friday, October 02, 2015

Weekend Away

My wife and I are currently driving through Gippsland, Victoria on our way to Metung for a relaxing long weekend away.

So far on our journey from Melbourne we have managed to stop at two second hand book stores.
The first was The Red Book Shop.  This book store has existed for years in Traralgon however the cafe aspect has only been around for the last two and a half.  The shelves hold hundreds of books, all neatly organised and categorised, and all ready to peruse with coffee in hand.  Unfortunately there were no Bonds today but one of the owners explained they have a large shed storing many more books and it's possible there are some Flemings there.  I'll be back.

The second store was Bairnsdale Books... in Bairnsdale.

To be honest I was excited at the chance of visiting this store again.  I can't remember the title but I remember buying an unusual Bond paperback from this store eons ago.  It's always been one of those book stores where I feel anything could be sitting on the shelf waiting to be discovered.  Today they had a hardback Bond omnibus and a Triad-Panther "From Russia With Love".  No luck this time but who knows what will be on the shelves next time I visit ?!

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