Sunday, July 05, 2015

Book Store And Fair Visits

Over the past two days I visited a second-hand book store in Hampton and a book fair in Oakleigh.

"Bound Words" in Hampton has been a regular haunt for me over the years.  I remember my best purchase from this store being a set of three 1960's Jonathan Cape hardbacks of Ian Fleming's "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", all with great dust jackets.

As soon as I entered the store today, Ailsa who was sitting behind her counter, recognised me and informed me she had no new James Bond novels.  Regardless I said I'd still take a look and also asked permission to take these photos of her store.

Despite having no new Bonds today I always enjoy visiting this store.  I'm not sure how but Ailsa often manages to source Jonathan Cape / Ian Fleming hardbacks so I'm always curious what she's selling in her glass cabinet.

I next visited the annual Anglican Church Book Fair in Oakleigh.  There's always a wide selection of books available at this fair and they're also very cheap.

This year I found these two Bond paperbacks which I already had, but I did purchase this copy of "The New Official James Bond 007 Movie Book".  My other edition of this movie book didn't include "Licence To Kill".
Finally I also purchased these two Jonathan Cape first editions of Len Deighton novels (sans dust jackets).  I think I saw them and wished the spine read "Ian Fleming" !  Being so cheap I really couldn't go past them as they're in such good condition.  I hope to be able to on-sell them some time in the future and in so doing fund other Bond purchases.

I did drive past "Broadstreet's Books" in Hawthorn but it was closed.

And finally... I saw this car at the traffic lights.  While I think it's an Aston Martin DB6 and not a DB5 I personally would still spray paint it silver-birch !

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