Saturday, June 06, 2015

European Tour - Interlaken / Murren (Switzerland)

After Bern in Switzerland we then progressed by train to Interlaken.  Here's a photo of the view from our hotel room.  Amazing !  
The whole town was surrounded by mountains so it wasn't hard to be awe inspired by the view in every direction.
I managed to find an "ex libris" book store but there were no Bonds.
There were some Schilthorn / James Bond magnets available in one of the souvineer stores but I let them go.
We also walked past this travel agency promoting and selling tickets to Schilthorn, with Piz Gloria as a James Bond film location being one of the main attractions.
Upon leaving Interlaken we caught the train to Lauterbrunnen.  It was at this station that Bond / Sir Hilary Bray was met by Irma Brunt before their helicopter ride to Piz Gloria in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".
We then caught a short cable car ride followed by a smaller train to Murren at the base of Schilthorn. This was the same town where the Bond film crew and actors stayed during the filming at Piz Gloria. Piz Gloria was just a short cable car ride away.
Our hotel was just near the Schilthorn cable car station. Yet again the vista from our hotel room was incredible.
Our hotel even had a James Bond Menu and the WiFi code was 007 of course !
If you do visit Murren be sure to purchase something from the "Exile On Main Street" store. They are the official suppliers of clothing to Piz Gloria. Most of the clothes display the Piz Gloria name and are an excellent souvenir. If you can't make it to Murren here's their website:
And here's some more photos of Murren before we caught the cable car to Piz Gloria the next morning.
And finally... I snapped this sign at the base of the Trummelbach Falls. Mr Lazenby is certainly the face of James Bond in these parts !

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