Friday, April 24, 2015

European Tour - Istanbul (Turkey)

"Merhaba" from Turkey. My wife, Mona and myself have just started our group coach tour after 3 nights in Istanbul.

While in Istanbul I managed to find several new bookshops but there were no Turkish language Bonds on the shelves.

But on our first visit to the Grand Bazaar we soon found the "Han" dedicated to books. My Turkish is very limited however the name "James Bond" is so universal I quickly had store holders checking their shelves and then speaking to other store holders on my behalf.

One very helpful store holder scoured through the books outside his store and found this Turkish edition of "Carte Blanche". I immediately expressed my delight and purchased it. It was in great condition so hopefully it will remain so while in my suitcase during the rest of the holiday.
And here's some other photos of Istanbul if you're interested:


Tikit said...

Jealously following you around Europe. Love the photos of the book bazaar in Istanbul, that's a must do on my list. Sorry to hear you didn't find any Fleming but reminds me of the huge Sunday second hand book fair in Barcelona. Went in with high hopes, came out with a Spanish comic of "FRWL" Talking of "FRWL" aren't they selling copies as a tourist guide?

Bazeer Flumore said...

Hi Tim, yes perhaps FRWL should be the travel guide for Turkey ! At least I got one Bond I suppose. Great to see so many stores all in the one space