Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Solo" International Version... Finally !

A couple of months ago I received this paperback copy of "Solo" by William Boyd in the mail.  It's the US International Version published by Harper.  Unfortunately it arrived slightly damaged.  The online book store happily refunded my money without asking for it to be returned but I sat on the book, scouring the web for a better copy.

Over two months later and I'm still yet to purchase a better copy.  I did try to get a book store here in Oz to order a copy from the US but they were reluctant too.  So I've finally decided to bite the bullet and add the book to anyway.  And when I do find that elusive better copy I'll just update the image.

This is the second paperback copy of "Solo" to be added to the website.  As recently reported by The Book Bond there are a couple more paperback editions coming soon, one from the UK in May 2014 and the other from the US in June 2014.  Nice covers too.

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