Monday, November 25, 2013

"Doctor No"... Finally !

When I was setting up the website in late 2011 / early 2012, to speed things up I often added the book publishing details first before adding the cover images.  To my surprise, once I'd finished loading all the cover images I realised I was missing a book; the first edition US Signet printing of "Doctor No" circa 1958.  Somehow I thought it was already in my collection.  So instead of removing the publishing details, because I knew I would eventually acquire this book for almost two years my website has shown the "Dr No" covers with a space where the missing cover would appear.

A number of visitors have noticed this missing cover and contacted me to say that my website was broken.  In fact just 6 days ago Tim from the PAN Paperback Collectors Website commented that "One of your Signet Dr. No covers seems have a duff link".  I assured him it was deliberate.

And today that very copy of "Dr No" arrived in the mail.

Soon I'll scan the cover, add the image to the website and the missing cover will be no more... finally !

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