Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weekend Bookhunt

Last weekend my wife and I took a friend shopping at Maling Road in Canterbury as she'd never been there before.  Maling Road is almost an historic shopping strip with many quality stores.  The buildings themselves are relatively old for Australian standards (circa early 1900's) and you can always pick up plenty of great gifts and Australian souvenirs from there.

Tim's Bookshop, a quality store selling new books, can also be found there.  I was surprised to see them still selling Penguin Bonds as well as the newer Vintage 007 covers.  Unfortunately I had all the books for sale in the same condition but it's good to see them still available on shelves.
There is also an arcade selling antiques and second hand items including books. The arcade building was actually the old railway station before the station was moved.  I found no Bonds on the shelves though.
And finally, a minute walk around the corner, is Canterbury Books selling second hand books.  This compact store has been in this location for years.  They had two movie tie-ins - "Live And Let Die" and "The Man With The Golden Gun" (I think) both from Pan. 
Unfortunately overall no luck on the Bond front, but that's just part of the hunt !

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