Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Japanese Blog Links To Piz Gloria

I was searching the web the other day and came across a Japanese blog that has a couple of links to  Unfortunately I can't read Japanese but according to Google Translator the blog is titled "Road to Advanced English" by Eigo Kobako (click here to see it).  The subtitle is "English learning notes of a middle-aged office worker to explore the trivia, background and circumstances of words and expressions".

The blog entry in question discusses the punctuation of two of Ian Fleming's James Bond titles.  The first, "From Russia With Love", has the appearing/disappearing comma in the title (ie. "From Russia With Love" versus "From Russia, With Love").  For the second title, "Dr. No", Eigo has commented on the full-stop (period) being present on some covers and absent on others.  There's also a reference to the use of the abbreviation for "Doctor".  As you can see there are images of the Jonathan Cape dust-jackets on the blog, while the two links to my website are used to show the differences in the paperback titles for both novels.

I'm really glad to see my website used in this way.

Arigato (thanks) Eigo Kobako !

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