Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Wife Goes On The Hunt

On Valentine's Day last week my wife had to fly to Hobart, Tasmania for the day for her work.  While at lunch she walked to the Imperial Secondhand Bookshop, for me, to check if they had any new Bond hardbacks or paperbacks.  How lucky I am to have such a great wife!
They had no Bond paperbacks, however they still had plenty of Bond Jonathan Cape hardbacks including these on a shelf near the entrance.  But whereas on our previous visit there were four there are now five with the addition of a "Thunderball".
And here's a closeup of the above photo showing the spines of the hardbacks laying horizontally on the shelf.  It still amazes me that this store has so many Capes and they're just sitting on a shelf for anyone to pick up and touch!  I'm not aware of any other store like this and I think it's great.

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Luke Freeman said...

One of the book stalls at Fed Square on Saturdays has a couple of Fleming Capes just "sitting there" to pick up and hold (admittedly ones later in the series: THUNDERBALL, OHMSS, etc).

But the most common UK Hardcover first has to be Gardner's LICENCE RENEWED. Going into a second-hand book store and NOT finding it is more of an event than finding it. :)