Friday, January 25, 2013

Piz Gloria Website Launched One Year Ago Today

Today marks the first anniversary of being launched on the web.

In the past year there have been almost 3,000 unique visitors, with 4,745 visits in total.  Each visitor on average has spent 4m 42s on the site, and in total there have been over 24,500 page views.

I'm really happy with how the site has been going so far.  I told my wife and friends that if I had 1,000 visitors in the year I would be really rapt, so three times that is awesome.

And next year more books will be added, hopefully visitors will return and new ones will find the site.  And in a years time I'll post some more stats which I trust which will be just as good as this years.

Thanks for reading and visiting, Cheers Bazeer


ps. I managed to sneak out of the office today at lunch and visit a couple of second hand book stores.  I was hopeful I would be lucky because of the first anniversary but no such luck eventuated.

 - Out Of Print Books - two Fleming Pans and a "Devil May Care" but I had them all.

- Syber's Books - unfortunately no Bond paperbacks at all.

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