Monday, December 24, 2012

Almost Christmas

I had my work Christmas party last Friday night.  I returned home just after 1:00 AM slightly under the weather but still able to stand up. When I turned on the TV, Bond was on a "mercy flight" in a helicopter about to attack Piz Gloria with the help of Draco's men. I managed to watch the rest of the film before crashing.

The film was part of a "Bond-a-thon" being shown on free-to-air TV to coincide with the release of "Skyfall".  Previously the films were being shown as a double-bill every Saturday night, the first starting at 6:30 PM and the second around 10:00 PM.  But with Christmas coming up they changed the night and time of the films.  So the schedule change resulted in "You Only Live Twice"starting at 8:30 PM and "OHMSS" starting at 11:00 PM.  I'm really not sure how many other people were still  watching when the film finished just before 2:00 AM ! 

Over the weekend I managed to drop into Benn's Books in Bentleigh.  There are no new Bond paperbacks I need at present but I still like looking at what's in stock.  Benn's Books had some "Young Bonds".
I also dropped in on a Salvation Army store close by that had hundreds of books starting at $1.  I found a couple of Charlie Higson "Young Bonds", a Sebastian Falks and also this hardback.  I didn't end up buying it, but I did consider it.  This book is in the same series as "Ian Fleming Introduces Jamaica".
Also finally, I went to the City with my wife to see a comedy show last night.  It was too late to visit any book stores, but here's some photos I took while I was there:

Light show on the side of the Melbourne Town Hall
Bourke Street Mall at night (this matches a previous day time photo in an earlier blog)
Old GPO (General Post Office) Building

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