Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Couple Of Recent Hardback Purchases

A couple of weeks ago I visited a second hand store and discovered a hardback first edition copy of "The Book Of Bond" for sale.  I've almost purchased a copy of this same hardback in the past only to discover the reversible dust jacket had been attacked by silverfish.  Well this time I was more fortunate, so I bought it.

Then on Sunday I visited another second hand store that unfortunately was closed.  I still took a photo of the shopfront anyway, and then as I was about to leave I noticed in the window display a hardback copy of "Moonraker".  I knew it wasn't a first edition, no one would place a first edition dust jacket in a window display in view of the sun, but I was missing this Cape so I rang today for the price.  As soon as I found out I spoke to my boss and organised to leave work at 4:30pm instead of 5 to go and pick it up. 

And so after forking out only $80 in total here are the two books.  Of course they won't be included on my website, but no right minded Bond collector wouldn't have purchased them (or at least that's what I told my wife!)

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RANDYW said...

Lucky guy! I would love to have both of those. I only have a US book club of MOONRAKER and no copy at all of THE BOOK OF BOND. Hard to find those in the USA.