Thursday, June 25, 2015

European Tour - Piz Gloria (Switzerland) - Part 2

After walking around the Piz Gloria surrounds (see Part 1) we next ventured back inside to "The Bond Shop" and what an exciting place it was.  Last time I saw this much Bond merchandise was in the gift shop at the conclusion of the "Designing 007 - 50 Years Of Bond Style" Exhibition in Melbourne 2013.  And Mr Lazenby was everywhere.

Many of the shop walls featured painted portraits inspired by the film.

I purchased a scarf, a magnet and a poster of "Bond World" similar to the plastic bag shown below.  I could have easily bought half the merchandise on sale.

After happily parting with my money at the shop we three then made our way to "Bond World 007" just around the corner.

"Bond World 007" opened in 2013 to celebrate Schilthorn and Piz Gloria being used as locations for the film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".

The exhibition started with a corridor covered in Bond posters...

which led to a curtain with the gun barrel sequence being projected onto it on loop, accompanied by the Bond theme music.

We brushed through the curtain to discover a surprisingly large exhibition room.  It featured a theatrette, visual displays, wall displays, film props, a helicopter simulator and a bobsleigh photo booth (for the want of a better term).  Here's some snaps I took while in there.

There was even a kilt which when investigated from underneath hid a television screen showing an interview with Mr Lazenby about his recollections on making the film.

On one wall was the coat of arms belonging to the character Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and as a laugh I added a spare business card for my website.  I'd like to think it still sits there unnoticed but the cleaners probably removed it that same night !

I also photographed another card on the hat stand from Miss Moneypenny's office.
All up I thought "Bond World 007" was great and well worth the visit.  Admittance is free as part of the cable car ride to Piz Gloria.  Both my wife and Mona enjoyed it too.

Here's a photo of the entire Piz Gloria building layout.

I also happened to snap this door with what looked like an old logo used at Piz Gloria.

And finally the cable car that took us back to Murren.

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