Monday, September 16, 2013

From Paris With Love

While continuing our "world tour" my wife and I left New York for a wedding and some sight seeing in Paris.  First stop on the obligatory book hunt were the book stalls by the Seine.  As always there were plenty of Bonds and the stall holders were all very helpful with my search.
Notre Dame, the site of our friends wedding, in the background.
After purchasing a French Bond from one stall my wife and I then searched for a book store we had visited on our previous trip to Paris back in 2007.  Fortunately we found it.

L'amour Du Noir bookstore contains hundreds of books.  It's really well organised and the owner proved very helpful.  They also have heaps of French Bonds in great condition... I counted 25 and ended up purchasing two including a "Dr No" with Sean Connery's image on the cover, although I suspect it was printed after 1962 as it not only contains images inside from the aforementioned film, but also of "From Russia With Love".  Still a great find though.  Here's some pictures of their shelves.

And finally, some more photos of Paris not book related...
Eiffel Tower (obviously)
Moulin Rouge
Jardin du Luxembourg, easily one of my favourite parks in Paris.  My wife and I had a romantic picnic here and later watched the kids pushing their toy boats in the fountain
Sacre Coeure

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