Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Signet "Casino Royale" Arrives

I received a new addition to my James Bond paperback collection today, a copy of "Casino Royale" published by Signet in the US.  

This is the 27th printing of this title from Signet.  This particular cover has a circular sticker on the cover promoting the 1967 comedy/spoof film version starring David Niven as 007.  The sticker reads "Now an exciting new motion picture".

I already have another copy of this Signet title with a similar sticker on the cover, however the sticker on my first copy has more of a cog wheel appearance.  It contains identical text though.  Both copies also have 007 printed in the top left corner.

There are two other versions of this cover in my collection.  The same cover with 007 printed in the top left corner sans sticker and another copy without the 007 and again without a sticker.  

If you're wondering where I purchased this latest copy it was from John F. in New Zealand who is currently selling his entire Bond book collection.  There are plenty of other great items still available too. 

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