Monday, June 06, 2022

An Anthony Horowitz Weekend

My wife and I were in the City last weekend for the Good Food & Wine Show.  After we'd eaten all the free samples and sipped some wine we ventured into the City proper.  First stop was City Basement Books on Flinders Street.

This is the first time I've visited this store since the pandemic began over 2 years ago, and I'm so glad it survived all the lockdowns.  

After descending the stairs we walked to the fiction section and immediately noticed some Fleming novels.   Then amongst all the James Bond novels we were surprised to see a US hardback copy of Anthony Horowitz's "Forever And A Day" published by Harper in 2021.

The hardback looked unread as I grabbed it from the shelf.  And I was even more surprised to see a cost of just $9.  Definitely an unexpected find to add to my collection.  A paperback bag from the old Kill City Crime Books was an added bonus.

Next stop was Dymocks on Collins Street.  

The paperback version of Anthony Horowitz's new Bond novel "With A Mind To Kill" is now available on Australian book shelves, and it was great to see this format in the flesh.

I quickly purchased a copy and have since scanned the cover and added the image to my website.  Here's a photo of the paperback.

I also noticed a couple of new James Bond related titles which I briefly flicked through.  Maybe another time.

Last weekend was certainly an Anthony Horowitz weekend !

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