Saturday, September 21, 2019

Tyabb & Moorooduc Book Hunt

Tyabb is located on the Mornington Peninsula close to Western Port Bay.  It has a couple of antique markets that I visit regularly, looking for Bond paperbacks.

The first is the Tyabb Packing House Antiques containing a huge number of stalls selling every conceivable item you could think of; car parts, furniture, film posters, toys, cameras, crockery, art, jewellery... the list is endless.  It also sells second hand books.

There are hundreds of second hand books for sale, including a section specifically for Bond novels.

I visited the Packing House with my Mum so we had a coffee break afterwards.  I can definitely recommend the carrot cake on sale at the cafe.

Just down the road is The Bottom Drawer Antiques in Moorooduc.  Unfortunately on the day we visited I learned the place was soon to be permanently closing down.

Lots of antiques and a few books but none for me.  Regardless it's sad to see an antiques store closing.

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